April 27, 2021

What the H@#% is WRONG with You?!

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Having a sense of humor (be it mild or dark) when coping with sometimes extreme stressors that were “conveniently” left out of the job description on purpose, is actually good for you! Why? Because, SCIENCE!!


Welcome to Overnight Observations! My name is Jenifer Cosgrove and I’ve been a night shift nurse for almost two decades.


In this episode, I talk about the reason I wanted to start this podcast and what’s to come for future episodes. As frontline workers, we see the absolute worst sides of humanity and humor is a way for us to get through the difficult moments. Humor is good for your mindset, immune system, and so much more. Join me each week to hear stories about being a first responder and the ways we use humor to recover from the traumatic or serious situations we are thrown into.


Tune in to Episode 1 of Overnight Observations to hear about my mission for this podcast, the importance of humor, and what’s to come for the future episodes!


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why I started this podcast (1:28)
  • How humor is a coping mechanism (2:20)
  • About the future topics of Overnight Observations (7:08)


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