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Humor as a coping mechanism!

Love learning the science behind taking life less seriously and using humor as a coping mechanism. Life isn’t always positive and fun, but we can train ourselves to use humor to alleviate stress and to move the heavy energy that comes with the dark times. Cannot wait to hear more!

Laughter is Good for the Soul!!! - G.G.

Oh. My. Gawd!! - Jenifer, this is fire!! I love to laugh and find that humor is sometimes the BEST MEDICINE. I appreciate your approach to front line workers and what they go through from an insiders perspective. On the news, we always see and hear the sad, tired and exhausted workers going above and beyond to help our ailing communities. And while that is true, I find that this episode and future ones to come, will offer a refreshing but fascinating “behind the scenes” take from a healthy - yet; humorous pair of lenses. I am intrigued and look forward to listening to more!

What the H@#% Is Wrong with You!?

Because I used to oversee Child Protection Services, I understand how health care practioners can use humor as a coping mechanism. I look forward to learning more from this podcast about how health care professionals address their patients' health care needs and about how they cope with the pain and trauma they encounter in their work.