Oct. 26, 2021

Boo-ray for Hollywierd

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These are exciting days for me as Halloween gets closer. It has always been my favorite holiday, even more than Christmas, even more than my own birthday. Unfortunately, as I haven't worked a single Halloween my entire life, I haven't had any first-hand experiences at the emergency room from this holiday. However, I do have to share some of my childhood memories "trick or treating" and a fascinating piece of research on how Hollywood horrors had depicted nurses through the years. 

In this episode, we travel back to some happy Halloween memories from my childhood, my father's sweet tooth, and his planned chocolate shopping miscalculations. We also analyze in-depth the three types in which nurses were represented in Hollywood horrors throughout cinema history. Finally, we look at the evolution of nurses' uniforms and costumes, from our friend Florence Nightingale's original design to the 2008's designed by Luis Vuitton in Fashion Week. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The doctor said I can't go trick or treating this year. Going anyways (1:45)
  • About my father's planned miscalculations (3:39)
  • How Hollywood depicted nurses over the years (5:38)
  • The evolution of the nurses' uniform through the years (8:31)


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