Dec. 7, 2021

A Matter of Taste

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The week after Thanksgiving tends to be a bit slower than the others, with people recovering from overeating, and in some cases, drinking. I believe that the slow pace at which everything moves is also an appeal for introspection and reflection. 

So, I decided to bring a short and sweet episode to think about human nature, what we laugh at, and why we steal food. 

In this episode, I share a few experiences working on Thanksgiving and some post-holiday incidents at lunch break. We also discuss where the line should be drawn for first responders' dark humor and why we should avoid going for the cheap laugh. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • We all had holidays we preferred to work and get out of the house (1:41)
  • The missing turkey sandwich (2:48)
  • Un unpleasant encounter on Facebook (3:51)
  • No humor is meant to harm (4:54)


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